Sound of Vision wins first prize at Innovation Radar Prize

The European research project Sound of Vision received first prize in its category "Tech for Society" at the Innovation Radar Prize 2018. 

Sound of Vision received grand for four million euros from the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation Program in 2015, the project spanned three years and ended in 2018. The project objective is to facilitate blind and visually impaired people to sense their environment.  

Sound of Vision was coordinated by Rúnar Unnþórsson, professor at the University of Iceland's Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. His collaborators are Árni Kristjánsson, professor at the Faculty of Psychology, a group of post-doctoral fellows, doctoral students, and research scientists within the University, Icelandic National Institute For The Blind, Visually Impaired and Deafblind (NIB), as well as engineers from universities and institutes in four other European countries, Romania, Italy, Poland, and Hungary.

Nine other project competed in the category “Tech for Society” but Sound of Vision made it to the finals after public voting. Sound of Vision then received first prize in their category after introducing it to group of specialist judges.

Video that explains the function of the equipment.

Sound of Vision homepage.

Here is a link to news on University of Iceland website.

Here is a list of other winners in other categories in the Innovation Radar Prize.

Project Management Office congratulates Sound Of Vision for this award.


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